Neuraxis - Localized Hypothermia for Neuroprotection

Localized Hypothermia for Neuroprotection


Our Technology

Localized hypothermia delivered directly to injured or at-risk tissue during surgery

Seamless Integration

Use existing devices to directly cool patient tissue with almost no added surgical time

Immediate Therapy

Achieve target temperatures within 15 minutes to reduce or prevent injury

Continued Application

Postoperative therapeutic hypothermia can be delivered without reopening

local hypothermia decreases metabolic requirements, reduces inflammation, suppresses free radicals, decreases intracellular calcium influx, balances oxygen supply, inhibits destructive enzymatic reactions, slows ischemic depolarization, suppresses nitric oxide synthase activity, reduces excitatory neurotransmitters
"This is a game-changing platform that has the potential to prevent thousands of life-altering injuries every year."
Michael Fehlings - Localized Therapeutic Hypothermia SCI Spinal Cord Injury
Dr. Michael Fehlings
Chief Medical Officer, Neuraxis

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