Neuroprotection following mild hypothermia after spinal chord ischemia in rats

Hypothermic Preconditioning Increases Survival of Purkinje Neurons in Rat Cerebellar Slices after an In Vitro Simulated Ischemia
Hui-Bih Yuan, Yueming Huang, Shuqiu Zheng, Zhiyi Zuo
Anesthesiology, 2004

Rats were randomly divided into hypothermia (1ºC reduction in body temperature), normothermia, and sham groups. Hypothermia was induced 15 minutes before spinal cord ischemia and maintained during ischemia. Animals were then rewarmed to normothermia. Hind limb motor function was assessed at 2, 7, 14, 21, and 28 days after reperfusion. Hypothermia significantly improved hind limb function at all assessments compared to normothermia and reduced neuronal death.